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 2. medjunarodna konferencija o izmijenjenim stanjima svijesti

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PostajNaslov: 2. medjunarodna konferencija o izmijenjenim stanjima svijesti   pet tra 10, 2009 2:14 pm

Najava 2. medjunarodne konferencije o izmijenjenim stanjima svijesti.
Konferenca ce biti snimana i za emisiju "Na rubu znanosti"...

Opsirnije o programu i gostima na:

Odrzavanje od 25. do 26. travnja 2009. u Ljubljani:
BTC Logistic Centre, Letališka Street 16, Ljubljana
(Pokraj Trgovackog centra BTC City)

Evo dio podataka sa stranice na engleskom:

On Saturday 25. & Sunday 26. of April 2009 at 9.30 am

BTC Logistic Centre, Letališka Street 16, Ljubljana
(Near Shopping Centre BTC City)

Even today, altered states of consciousness are mostly unknown territories of human existence and are considered to be something mysterious. The spectre of phenomena like conscious dreaming, out of body experiences, near death experiences, near end of life experiences, the altered states of consciousness during meditation, shamanic or other kinds of trans, altered states induced by hypnosis, triggered by cognitive technology, hallucinogens or other chemicals, are still poorly known among the lay population, and often misunderstood. There are also several different kinds of altered states of consciousness, which are explored with the intention to establish the transpersonal communication, search for information, healing, making the connection with the divine, aspiration for enlightenment, etc.

The wide spectre of the states of consciousness and above all, the wide variety of their interpretation, are calling for a clearer and more systemized approach to those topics. The conference therefore intends to raise the awareness, and provide firsthand and expert information about the altered states of consciousness.

The second conference will – same as the first – focus on two aims; to demystify altered states of consciousness as such, and to provide specific and detailed information about different themes that make up the mosaic of those states. Invited speakers will present their research work and personal experiences, discuss new discoveries and future directions.

The conference offers also an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and exchange the ideas and experiences.



ASC conference invites the speakers, who were or/and are actively researching the altered states of consciousness or are using the altered states for their therapeutic, healing, coaching or interpretation work. Invited speakers have several years of personal and conscious experiences of altered states, and are passing their knowledge to the others through workshops, consulting, coaching, lectures, healing or therapeutic processes…

Foremost, the conference is not a place for academic discussions about the altered states of consciousness by the speakers who research those states intellectually (without intentional and conscious personal experiences). Providing objective proof for specific experiences is not the main intention of the conference, instead, it wishes to present and compare subjective experiences and their practical application.

The framework of the conference is not limited with objective proof. It delivers subjective personal experience as a foundation for the research of the altered states of consciousness and corresponding inner worlds.

To Attend the Conference, Please Contact Us by Phone.

S p e a k e r s

Darja Cvek Mihajlović (SLO)
Jeremy Narby (SUI)
Marjan Ogorevc (SLO)
Stephen Russell Poplin (US)
Sandi Jug (SLO)
Ger Lyons (IRL)
Alan Asta (SLO)
Urban Golob (SLO)
Erika Oblak (SLO)
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2. medjunarodna konferencija o izmijenjenim stanjima svijesti
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